Press Conference on “Carbon-Related Indexes” at the Economy and Technology Sub-session of the 5th Taihe Civilizations Forum
06 September , 2021

On the afternoon of September 5th, Taihe Institute hosted the Economy and Technology Sub-session of the 5th Taihe Civilization Forum in the Beijing Hall on the second floor of the Presidential Hotel in Xicheng District, Beijing.


Lu Peili, a Fellow at Taihe Institute, Researcher at the Shanghai Jiao Tong Antai College of Economics and Management (ACEM), and a Frequent Guest Lecturer at China Financial Futures Exchange, presided over the press conference on the release of the “Carbon-Related Indexes,” and announced that her research team put forward the “Carbon-Related Indexes,” namely, the Carbon Emissions Index, the Carbon Goal Index, and the Carbon Economy Index. To arrive at the above results, her team used big data and artificial intelligence (AI) technology, reviewed the performance and pollution standards of various industries and businesses, and developed a real-time index system for both pollution control and emission reduction.


The Carbon Emissions Index indicates changes in the total carbon emissions in a city for a certain period, while the Carbon Goal Index shows the expected level of carbon emissions to achieve the emissions reduction goal. By comparing the two indexes, it is easier to measure, in real time, the gap between the actual and the expected emissions levels.


Currently, the international community needs to further expand research on carbon-related indexes. Existing research mainly focuses on collecting carbon emissions data according to the annual and monthly economic activities of various industries, and then divides it by the days, if not by months. In comparison, the results of Lu’s study show measurements by days or even hours. In addition, the indexes can also reflect real-time emissions patterns for pollutants of the same source, thus showing the synergistic effects of pollution control and emissions reduction.


The Carbon-Related Indexes proposed by Lu is expected to provide a real-time scientific basis to the design of regional pollution control and emissions reduction plans, guide responsible enterprises in their emissions reduction and carbon trading activities, and encourage the public to pursue a green and low-carbon lifestyle.


We can reach the goal if we take action now. Taihe Institute will join hands with Ms. Lu to work towards achieving the carbon peak and neutrality goals.

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  • Zhou Bo Senior Fellow at Center for International Security and Strategy at Tsinghua ...
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  • Zheng Ruolin Senior Fellow of Taihe Institute, Senior Journalist of Wen Wei Po