2020 TCF

Taihe Civilizations Forum

Beijing, China, 6-12 September 2020

As the global COVID-19 pandemic is not under complete control, the forum will be held online in order to facilitate a convenient and safe attendance of all participants. The 2020 TCF will comprise four sessions: International Relations, Advanced Technology, Education and Culture, and Youth Dialogue, with a focus on three themes as follow, “China-US Relations and Its Impact on the World”; “Maintaining Global Biosecurity via Emerging Science and Technology and Innovative Mechanisms”; and “Construct the Spectrum of Vocational Ability of Future Talents”. The forum will be held in a flexible and interactive way to encourage and facilitate communication and ensure a richer output.

  • Zheng Ruolin Senior Fellow of Taihe Institute; Senior Journalist of Wen Wei Post.
  • Chu Yun-han Professor at the Department of Political Science at National Taiwan University; President of the Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation of International Scholarly...
  • Zou Ming Vice President of Phoenix New Media Ltd. ; Chief Editor of Phoenix New Media Ltd.