10 June , 2022

Sub-session on Economy and Technology


Responsibility and Opportunity—the Technology Driving Force for Peaking of Carbon Emissions and Carbon Neutrality


I. Scientific and technological needs and modes to achieve peaking.

II. Ensuring top-level mechanisms and policies driven by science and technology.

III. The transformation and upgrading of traditional industries with targets for the peaking of carbon emissions and carbon neutrality.

IV. Innovative financial measures to help achieve the peaking of carbon emissions and carbon neutrality.

V. International technical exchange and cooperation.


Sub-session on International Relations


I. Changes to and Future Trends for China-US Relations during the Biden Administration

II. How to view the current situation and prospects for China-EU relations, and enhance mutual understanding and practical cooperation


Sub-session on Youth Dialogue


Future of Work


I. Evolving from Workplace Digitalization to the Future of Work

II. Changing the Way We Work Under the Global Pandemic and Climate Change

III. Anticipating the Future of Work


Sub-session on Education and Culture


How Vocational Education Enhances Adaptability


I. Adapting to the Present and the Future

II. Adapting to the Internal and External Cycle






  • Alan Beebe Former President of American Chamber of Commerce in China
  • Anna Egorova Press Attaché of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization
  • Ayyar Huseynov Minister-Counsellor of the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in China
  • Brian Wong DPhil in Politics Candidate at University of Oxford, Hong Kong Economic...