International Relations
11 August , 2022

Topic 1: Great Power Competition, Regional Cooperation, and Asia-Pacific Security and Development.


In terms of development, the Asia-Pacific is the world's most promising region, but the region's geopolitical environment is increasingly complex and difficult to read.


Great power competition has increased the complexity of the Asia-Pacific region's security and development. The situation has become increasingly delicate and sensitive, embracing both risks and opportunities.


How can the parties concerned agree on essential dialogues, improve communications, and jointly explore pathways to promote security, stability, and prosperity in the Asia-Pacific?


Topic 2: The Changing European Security Landscape and Its Impact on the International Order.


The security situation in Europe presents new crises and challenges. Its evolution has aroused widespread concern in the international community, but also concerns about the direction and future development of the international order. The competition between major powers has intensified, increased and complicated the variables involved in the world's politics, economy, security understandings and structures.


How these crises can be resolved, while maintaining regional peace, stability, and promoting the construction of a benign international order, has become a topic of heated discussion, which we intend to explore.

  • Alan Beebe Former President of American Chamber of Commerce in China
  • Anna Egorova Press Attaché of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization
  • Ayyar Huseynov Minister-Counsellor of the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in China
  • Brian Wong DPhil in Politics Candidate at University of Oxford, Hong Kong Economic...