Economy and Technology
11 August , 2022

Carbon peak and carbon neutrality have become shared global goals, due to the threats of climate change.


They are set to bring a series of profound changes to: resource extraction, logistics, manufacturing, lifestyles, and governance, and the political, economic and social structures they have rested on.


Under the theme of "Relying on Technology and Innovation to Create a New Zero-Carbon World," the Sub-session on Economy and Technology will look into the: reform and development of state-owned enterprises, carbon credit finance, low-carbon innovations and technology, ESG technology, and management innovation, etc.


Topic 1: Carbon Finance Innovation and Metrics. How can Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality Goals Be Measured and Achieved?


This topic will focus on how to finance carbon peak and neutrality. What financial instruments are available and what needs to be created?


Topic 2: Key Low-Carbon Innovations and Technologies.


This topic will focus on the key technologies for energy conservation and carbon emission reduction, as well as ways to fast-track the innovative application of related technologies.


Topic 3: The Top-Level Mechanisms and Policy Designs for Achieving Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality Goals.


This topic will explore the appropriate coordination and guarantee mechanisms, and favorable policies for achieving carbon peak and neutrality.

  • Alan Beebe Former President of American Chamber of Commerce in China
  • Anna Egorova Press Attaché of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization
  • Ayyar Huseynov Minister-Counsellor of the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in China