• Ma Yansheng Senior Fellow of Taihe Institute, Minister-Counselor for the Education at the Chinese Embassy in France (2013-2017)
  • Ma Keqing Executive Vice Chair of China National Committee for Pacific Economic Cooperation, Ambassador of the Chinese Embassy in the Czech Republic (2014-2018)
  • Lu Peili Fellow of Taihe Institute, Researcher at the Shanghai Jiao Tong Antai College of Economics and Management (ACEM), and a frequent guest lecturer at China...
  • Lu Chunyang Deputy Director of National E-commerce Vocational Education Teaching Guidance Committee; Director of The Institute for Professional Ethics, Center for Ethics...
  • Lou Xiaoqi President and Editor-in-Chief of the Civilization, Founder and Executive President of the Capital Civilizational Development Foundation
  • Liu Yihua Fellow of Taihe Institute, Deputy Chief of Marketing-Policy Guidance Division of the Customer Service Management Department of the Export-Import Bank of China.