Youth Dialogue Session: AGORA: TAIHE VISION
20 August , 2019

Panel I. Voices of the Youth on the Belt and Road

1.Belt and Road is an integral initiative that has already influenced the life paths of young people. How did it affect young people?

2.What is the role of youth in the development of BRI region?

3.What are the main challenges that future generation will face within the processes of globalization and regionalism? Is regional becoming global?

4.How do we make BRI more of a shared initiative?

5.What are the opportunities and obstacles in filling the cultural and economic gap between the developing and developed countries?

6.Is it up to youngsters to build “a community of shared future of mankind”?


Panel II. Cultivation of young talents and the future of work

1.What does it mean to be educated in the future?

2.Will automation and AI replace our jobs?

3.How should education be reformed when facing such technological challenges?

4.What is the transition in learning traditional and new industries beyond school?

5.Does everyone have to become an entrepreneur?

6.What are the most essential skills to gain to better adopt to the future workspace?

7.What is the role of volunteering and youth focused communities in cultivating young talents?