• The status quo and prospects of Sino-U.S. relations; The evolution of the realistic international order and the construction of “a community of shared future for mankind”; Multi-cultural interaction in re-balancing situation.
  • New standards: how to match teaching standards of vocational colleges with talent requirements of the industry?New models: how to raise the enthusiasm of enterprises to participate in vocational education?New channels: how to establish China’s vocational education brand and contribute it to the related...
  • Reviewing the current progress and opportunities of selected disruptive technologies; Mapping risks and threats that could hamper the equitable sharing of the benefits; Identifying mechanisms to balance between cooperation, competition, and regulation.
  • What are the security challenges faced by the Belt and Road? How should countries along the Belt and Road Strengthen cooperation and jointly cope with risks and challenges? How should China comprehensively implement policies to ensure that the Belt and Road becomes the “Road of Peace”?
  • Voices of the Youth on the Belt and Road; Cultivation of young talents and the future of work.

Taihe Civilizations Forum

Beijing, China 3-6 September 2022