International Relations
18 August , 2020

Theme: China-U.S. relations and its impact on the world


The pattern of China-U.S. relations has entered a state of flux. Bilateral relations are on a downward trend, with increasing competition across an array of areas and a sharp decline in cooperation. Despite the first phase of the bilateral economic and trade agreement reached in January 2020, the two countries have failed to prevent continued deterioration of the relations. In particular, the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 epidemic has brought new and huge uncertainties to China-U.S. relations. As two major countries with important influence on the world, the differences and contradictions between China and the U.S. have a great impact on international and regional dynamics. How to improve future China-U.S. relations has become a topic of concern and aroused heated discussion between China and the U.S. and even beyond. In view of this, the Sub-session on International Relations of the 4th TCF will discuss around the topic of “China-U.S. relations and its impact on the world”.


I. Can China-U.S. relations be “restarted” after the 2020 U.S. presidential election?

II. To what extent will China and the U.S. “decouple” and how will this affect China, the U.S. and the world?

III. How to perceive China-U.S. relations at present and that in the future?

  • Zheng Ruolin Senior Fellow of Taihe Institute; Senior Journalist of Wen Wei Post.
  • Chu Yun-han Professor at the Department of Political Science at National Taiwan...
  • Zou Ming Vice President of Phoenix New Media Ltd. ; Chief Editor of Phoenix New Media...