• Can China-U.S. relations be “restarted” after the 2020 U.S. presidential election? To what extent will China and the U.S. “decouple” and how will this affect China, the U.S. and the world? How to perceive China-U.S. relations at present and that in the future?
  • Major changes of countries in their vocational qualification framework; The construction and identification of the ability spectrum of novel vocational talents; Bridge-building for multilateral cooperation.
  • Key technologies requiring breakthroughs in biosecurity; How to build efficient early warning mechanisms for biosecurity; How to strengthen the ability of social control and governance in the period of biological crisis; Scientific and technological ethics and legal issues in the field of biosecurity.
  • Education; Climate change.

Taihe Civilizations Forum

Beijing, China 3-6 September 2022

  • Zheng Ruolin Senior Fellow of Taihe Institute; Senior Journalist of Wen Wei Post.
  • Chu Yun-han Professor at the Department of Political Science at National Taiwan...
  • Zou Ming Vice President of Phoenix New Media Ltd. ; Chief Editor of Phoenix New Media...